Thursday, 20 October 2016

Almost Forgot . . .

With all the excitement of the discoveries on the 17th I didn't post the dragonfly pictures I took, not that there were many to be seen.
On the pond there were none at all in fact. Three tandem pairs were seen flying across the fields and no more than 8 or 9 singles of both sexes mainly sunning themselves atop the fence.

I spent some time trying to get the perfect picture of a darter on the fence with Gibside's Column to Liberty in the background. I try this every year but have never managed to get both dragon and column in reasonable focus despite trying every function and setting imaginable. Failing miserably again I decided to use artistic license and Photoshop to try and show what I was aiming for :

Something like this. Thanks, Photoshop :-)

I'm actually quite pleased with that, it looks as good as I thought it would if I say so meself, and here are the two photos I combined to get the result :


Another pleasing image was this one I didn't have to errr . . manipulate  to make look good. A darter obliged by landing on a strikingly coloured autumn leaf, though at a good height and only briefly, giving me time for only one shot, but it didn't turn out too bad. With a bit more time I would have wanted to get the face of the dragonfly in focus. But not to worry, you can tell what it is.

Autumn Darter - Landed in a very handy place for this colourful seasonal image

The original photo before cropping, an explosion of colour

This is the darter I was photographing when I spotted the Lichen case-bearing Moth larvae, which came trundling past just behind. As you can see he was enjoying a tasty meal at the time.

Finally a few old females were out basking in the sunshine, their colouring varying from dirty brown/grey to orangey red like a male.

Discoloured wings and reddish tinge of a female well past her prime  
Like I said earlier, there wasn't a dragon to be seen on the pond, but I couldn't resist snapping this Kingfisher which posed nicely on one of the jungle of sticks provided in front of the hide.

Can't say I'm a fan of the perching sticks some photographers climb out through
the hide windows to install with little regard for others (or the wildlife),
but the 'Kingy' does make for a pleasant picture. Only wish it had been sat atop a reed.
I'll probably have to get back to watching more birds for the next 6 months as dragonfly time is almost up I'm afraid, these may even be my last shots of the season. All too brief, and a long wait until next :-(

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  1. Always a long winter for those disposed to hunting Dragons, sadly.