Monday, 19 September 2016

Late Again

Following on from the late emerging common darter at Shibdon the other day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Common Blue damselfly sweeping back and forth across the Forbidden Pond at Far Pasture on Sunday.

Common Blue Damselfly, Far Pasture Sept 18th 2016
Not the best photo but the best I could get.
Binocular views and jizz confirmed the ID

This is by far the latest common blue I've ever recorded, beating the previous record of a single female on 21st August 2011 at Burdon Moor by almost a month :-O
I would normally only expect to see Emerald damsels this late in the season, and even then have only beaten this date twice, 19th Sept 2012 at Far Pasture, and my latest ever damsel record of October 1st 2011 at Stargate.

Other late damsel records have been Blue-tailed with 8+ at Kibblesworth in 2015 on September 7th (Rob S), though my latest ever Banded Demoiselle was just this year, the females photographed along the banks of the Derwent on July 20th.
It was a double up for Azure and Large Red, with single males of both species seen at Thornley Woods Pond on September 5th 2012, an exceptionally late record in the northeast for the Large Red which are usually the first to emerge in the spring, and even more remarkable when looking at the BDS last recorded dates for the species that year, noted as 19th August in Berkshire, a full 17 days before my sighting at TWP :-O
One for Gateshead :-)

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