Monday, 29 August 2016

Cragside Catchup

Here are the photos I took at Cragside Slipper Tarn the other week (for details of the visit see Black and Tarn Un-illustrated from Aug 15th)  :

Not the first of the day but certainly the most photographable Black Darter I encountered

I was able to focus nicely on him with the background a contrasting colour   

Lovely dragonfly, a male in his prime

This one had unusual horseshoe markings at the tail
This one shows how tricky it can be here when there's strong sunlight and reflective backgrounds.

The Moorland (or Common) Hawkers gave me the runaround but this male shows up
nicely against the dark waters of the Tarn  

There is a hawker dead centre of pic, but this just a view of the tarn itself
Star of the day though was this female Moorland Hawker resting in thick vegetation.

Don't often get the opportunity to photograph a settled female like this (or male for that matter)
so worked my way round for a better view

Another angle, the distinctive yellow costa along the front edge of the wings
and pale brown eyes of a young individual.  
On our second visit I managed a clearer shot of a flighty male Moorland Hawker
Not great but all the ID features are there

Not many Common Darters on show but this one perched nicely on the back of a bench

A final Black darter on the same bench, too reflective for a decent pic

And finally a female Black darter at last, same bench, same strong sunshine, same reflective surface,
same crap result.

One of my favourite sites, recommend a visit late July or early August for the emergence of the Black Darters. Need a bit of luck for the Hawkers though.

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