Sunday, 5 June 2016

Washington DC (Damsels and Chaser)

A sunny final day of the school hols so the trip to one of our favourite places, Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre finally got scheduled.

A glorious day for café, play area, plastic ducks, otters and ice cream, and as a bonus to myself I had a trek along for a first ever visit to the Dragonfly Ponds which I must say were very impressive comparing to the last time I was over in that corner of the centre, maybe 12 years ago in fact when there was nowt to see but a couple of muddy overgrown holes.

Now there are walkways and viewpoints and about half a dozen small well-kept ponds to look at. Plenty of damselflies about, mainly Azure, with a few Large Reds and Blue-tails.

Nice to see some ovipositing as well, a few large reds
and azures for the first time this year.

But it was actually at the 'Amphibian Pond' where the star of the day arrived in the form of a Four-spotted Chaser, and perched at the far side of said pond for record shots only, but a year first so happy with that :

First sighting of Four-spotted Chaser for 2016, distant record shot
Will do for starters.
Just the one seen (male), and like I said previously just a selection of damsels to be found on the actual Dragonfly Ponds (they obviously can't read).

Then it was back to the family, the otters feeding time, and you can't help but be taken by the new four cute kits, so sit back and say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Managed to get all seven otters in one pic, no mean feat as they're flighty little so and sos

Another two days of sunshine forecast, typically a busy couple of days for me, so hope to snatch an hour or so somewhere in the valley while it lasts :-/

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