Monday, 30 May 2016

Silly Moo

Despite the cool and cloudy conditions yesterday I was desperate to get out after almost a week indoors, in the end decided to just go down to Far Pasture to see how things were progressing.

First sighting was a Roe Deer in the first field, though the grass is so long now only the head and shoulders could be seen as it ambled nonchalantly through it.

Spot the deer, this one obviously felt safe in the long grasses, though looked at me
a couple of times did not run for it as they usually do.

The road side veg is coming along too, things looking a lot more lush since my last visit.

To the pond field and my enemies were in good view, two big white monsters, but now getting a closer look I conclude they are actually cows and not bulls (not that it matters, except to another bull) and it still doesn't change the fact I won't be venturing out to the pond while they are in residence.

Enemy at the gate, another challenge to my ID skills :-/

After a fruitless search of the roadside however, I did go in the field to check out the patch of taller vegetation just over the fence, which is usually good for sheltering damsels; and it certainly was today, well over a dozen on the leeward side of just two species, Azure and Blue-tailed :

This lush patch has proved excellent for sheltering damsels when there are none to be found elsewhere
Not far to run to safety either, wish the pond was just over the fence.

Azure female (green when mature)

A beauty of a violecea form Blue-tail female 

Azure male

Canny pic showing the difference in blue form (left) and green form (right)
in immature Azure females

Azure male (immature)

Another immature green form female Azure

Same violacea as before, but worth another look

Snapped this feller caught up in a web before I rescued him

Almost mature Azure male 

Blue-form female and mature male Azures

Maturing green form female and mature male Azure

Another mature male Azure to finish

As you can see I reeled off as many photos as I could while keeping one eye on the bull/cow situation as they were out of sight behind the trees, one ambled into view once but didn't see me and soon disappeared again. A good variety of maturation forms and stages there, especially pleased to see a true purple violacea Blue-tail, such is the change of colour during the ageing process, the pure violet stage isn't easy to find, and it was actually a much brighter colour than the photos show.

After filling my boots with that little lot another search of the roadside, where this time I found two rufescens form Blue-tailed females, little beauties, which weren't really flighty but the dull conditions once again weren't really conducive to good macro photographs :

Rufescens form female Blue-tail, half-pink and half-orange thorax

Very distinctive colours, lovely damsel

Having a snack

Another 'staring down the barrel' shot, great when they don't fly off

Showing a slightly kinked abdomen probably formed during
emergence. Shouldn't hinder it too much though. 

Another arty eye shot of the second individual this time

The sun at last started to peep out from behind the clouds when I was on my way home, and not much of it forecast for next week, so with the kids off school I'll probably just be trying for more damsels along the valley, before I start proper Dragonfly hunts after the hols.


  1. A nice selection considering......Alan.

    1. Cheers John, yeah could have been a lot worse . . . considering ;-)