Sunday, 22 May 2016

No Bull, Yes Bulls.

On a visit to Far Pasture on Friday I discovered my worst nightmare :-O The field with the Chaser Pond in has new residents; a couple of mean-looking white bulls.
I'm glad I saw them when I first passed the gate, two of them in the far corner, one staring back at me as if daring me to enter the field. When I next passed it they were nowhere to be seen so I could easily have gone to the pond blissfully unaware, which I'm sure would have resulted in some sort of soiled trouser incident. I certainly won't be entering the field while they are in residence that's for sure.

It's nothing short of a disaster as I was really looking forward to photographing the Four-spotted Chasers again there this year after getting some crackers in 2015. And with the ponies still in the Forbidden Pond field it looks like Dragonhunting at Far Pasture will be a complete waste of time this year, it being my nearest dragonfly site to home I'm not a happy chappie.
Hunting damsels along the roadside is about all I can do there at the moment, I found around 8 each of Azure and Blue-tailed on Friday, again in mainly dull conditions, so a few record shots of various forms and ages is all I have to show for it :

A few mature male Blue-tails were active in the dull conditions road-side

This one almost fully mature but still showing a patch of green at front of thorax 

A teneral male in the same area
Immature male

Another immature male caught in brief moment of sunshine

Immature green-form female Azure

Almost fully mature male Azure

Immature male Azure, my favourite form of this damsel, love the chestnut-topped eyes

First fully mature male Azure with immature female below

Another virtually mature male Azure

And another immature female to finish.
All being well (weather permitting) I'll get a first visit to Gibside next week for more damsels and possibly Four-spots, then at the start of June it'll be Stargate for Broad-bodied Chasers, then the river for Banded Demoiselles, Mickwellburn Woods (which I haven't visited since getting a Hairy Hawker there three years back) and a first visit to Kibblesworth. That's the plan anyway but these things have a habit of falling apart. We'll see :-/ 



  1. Some nice images there Alan, no bull. I stopped planning Dragon trips a couple of years back, I takes it as it comes.

    1. I'm just the opposite, very rarely go out birding, (though it still interests me and I like to hear what's about and what other folk have seen) but once Dragon season starts I'm out as often as I can. Just find them totally fascinating.

  2. What i was meaning Alan was that i used to plan a Dragon trip a few days or a week previous whereas now i decide the day before so the weather is a bit more predictable......A BIT MORE.

    1. Aaaah, with you now John, in that case the only difference is that I plan where I want to go next to suit what I'm likely to get at any given time but it's always a spur of the moment job dependent on the weather. last year for instance I never got to Kibblesworth at all because I could never synchronise an available day with decent weather. Hope for better this time around :-/