Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Still Hanging on . . . .

Though I called time on the dragonhunting season a couple of weeks back and we're well into autumn now, there are still many reports of late dragonflies coming in, even in the northeast where a few southern hawkers have been reported right up to the end of October.
Darters are more often seen late on, my personal latest being November 4th a few years back.

So with a couple of days sunshine after a gloomy week I chanced a visit to Far Pasture on the 2nd, where sure enough, a few common darters were still posing about in the warmth of the mid-day sun.

This male darter still looked in good nick, though how they survive long periods of bad weather still puzzles me

Good light for photos when I could get the sun behind me, casting very strong shadows 

This female seemed to be enjoying the view

And what a lovely view it is with Gibside's column of Liberty in the backdrop
Or from another angle "oo-er, it's a long way down"

The female also posed well for close-ups
Four males and that single female were noted, all sunning themselves along the roadside fences. Some flighty but others posing for a few snaps (as you can see) on what was quite a beautiful day, though with that autumnal feel about the light, and only the harsh cries of the many jays and the nasal calls of the willow tits breaking the eerie silence from time to time. But the colourful scenery of the changing season is quite something, and to enjoy it on a warm day was very pleasant indeed.

This moth made a lovely seasonal photo but I haven't pinned down the species yet.

A view across the valley from the Derwent Walk,
the light was hitting the camera direct so the colours don't look as strong as they actually were.

The forecast for later in the week is for more of the same, so I may well try my luck again in hope of breaking my 'latest ever sighting' record. Or at least I'll remember to get a photo of the goings-on at the Forbidden Pond as they've been busy digging it up :-O

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