Thursday, 22 October 2015

Last Rites . . .

Time to declare time on what has been a mainly disappointing dragonfly season for 2015 (though not without some memorable highlights), still a few stragglers kicking about but I've got too much on now to get out looking for the last of them.
A couple of visits to Far Pasture is all I've managed in the last fortnight and only a few common darters to show for it. I didn't even bother getting my camera out first time, and here are (most likely) the last photos of the year, just snapshots really, even the dragonflies themselves seem to have lost interest :

This old female has seen better days (I know the feeling)

Another fence-perching male to finish

Same dragon, different angle, probably the last photo of 2015
Migrant Hawkers were still being seen at Shibdon well into October, George Simpson sent me this very colourful autumnal picture on the 13th :

Cracking photo capturing the autumn sunshine, nice one George :-) 

And a close-up of the actual dragon, again a very colourful and seasonal composition

Otherwise very few late reports from Gateshead though other parts of the northeast have seen decent activity in the October sunshine. A nice report with pictures from Sedgedunum Warbler from his local pond a case in point :

That's it them, thanks for looking in and for the contributions again this year, it's nice to know there are like-minded people out there. I'll do my annual review when I get time otherwise a period of hibernation might be in order as my usual dose of SAD syndrome will no doubt kick in once the clocks go back.

Adios for now, its been emotional . . .  


  1. A poor year for the dragons, especially the damsels i reckon. Despite the late flourish in the weather i saw very few Emerald Damsels. Other damsel species seemed thin on the ground all year, when i saw any.
    Lets hope next year is a vast improvement Alan.

  2. I'll drink to that John, but then again I'll drink to most things (tea of course) ;-)