Monday, 7 September 2015

Last throes of Summer

The met office forecast for today had us covered in gloomy cloud all day so I had decided to start the end of season garden tidy, what a mistake :-(

From the back garden it was blue skies filled with chattering house martins, a couple of chiffchaffs singing from the dene, buzzards soaring on high, butterflies-a-plenty, bees, wasps and my first two garden fly-through dragonflies of the year in the form of a migrant hawker and common darter. It was just like summer, though a bit too little and a bit too late.

Yesterday was similar. I was up and about early (for me) in hope of finding and photographing a dew-covered dragonfly in the fields near Far Pasture. It was bloody freezing, a proper autumnal morning, I wandered for what seemed like hours (actually it was) but didn't find a dragonfly until precisely 10.30am, by which time it was too late for the type of photo I was after, as the sun was shining brightly and autumn had turned back to summer.

First dragon of the day, a red-tinged female Common Darter, the colouring denoting she's past her prime

Over the next hour more Common Darters came out, mostly males, some immature yellows.

One of the more mature male Common Darters on show 
 I repeatedly paced up and down the lane on the bend looking for the Ruddy Darter from Friday, following every dragon I spotted until I had an ID, and eventually struck lucky with one flying the edge of the pony field which landed in good view but too distant for decent photos. He came closer eventually but every time I tried to approach he was off again so the photos aren't best quality.

Ruddy Darter again, probably the same individual as Friday.

Soaking up the rays as the bright sunshine reflects from the leaf surface

No hawkers at all on show yesterday, very disappointing, but nice to see the Ruddy Darter again.




  1. Summer doesn't seem to last very long at the best of times but this year has been even worse. I have to admit i haven't done much dragonhunting at all (i can only remember going out with my macro lens a handful of times) this year. I'm sad to say.

    1. Aye it's been shocking John, even on decent days numbers have been well down, and trying to synchronise a trip out with a good weather day has been frustrating to say the least, especially during the school hols.