Thursday, 20 August 2015

Short and Sh#te

Far Pasture today was piss poor for dragonflies again :

On the pond a patrolling male southern hawker, 3 emerald damsels and a blue-tail was the sum total.

Along the road was more productive with about 10-12 common darters on the roadside fence, another southern hawker male and first migrant hawker sighting of the year, a solitary male foraging the field opposite the sawmill.

At the top of the access road a coupled pair of southern hawkers flitting through the treetops was a surprise being so far away from water, a single male also in the area and just one common darter here.

Hardly a photographic opportunity to mention,  just tried to see how close I could get to one on the fence.  

Common Darter (male)
Desperate times . . . .

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