Thursday, 2 July 2015

Just When I Thought I'd Missed Out . . .

Typical that the two best dragonfly days for weeks should coincide with a busy couple of days for the Dragonhunter. But with business finished and back home again early afternoon yesterday my only option to avoid a total waste of two days sunshine was a quick jaunt down to Far Pasture to see if I could finally nail a killer shot of a Four-spotted Chaser at Pond3. I've had a few decent pics but always with the subject facing away from me, and really wanted some front-on shots as it's a species I've pretty much neglected over the years, there usually being a bigger 'prize' at the same site
But they've been the stars so far at Pond3 this year and with perching sticks in such a favourable position I had to strike lucky sometime.

Yesterday was that sometime :-)

Glorious afternoon and at last a very obliging four-spot. The bright 'side-lights' and paler brown abdomen
suggests a younger alpha in residence comparing with the much duller more mature individual
which has graced the posts on my last couple of visits. 

After that initial shot I set myself up closer to the perches and used my monopod, then sat and waited for him to return. I wasn't disappointed :

Here he comes . . .

Gettin! The shot I've been waiting for, face in full view 

A cracking perfect profile view as well

Wasn't shy this feller . . .

Every time he flew up he returned at a slightly different angle, like he was
posing for the camera.

In fact it looked like he was smiling at me

and kept coming back for more

'Til eventually he'd had enough and flew off
for the last time

Superb little session that, for once everything fell into place, light, angle of sun, distance from subject, and a dragonfly which for once wasn't camera shy. Wish it was always like that.

The supporting cast was the four usual species of damselfly, still no other dragons here.

Blue-tailed damsel showing a nice green-phase thorax

Unusually marked s2 on this common blue had me baffled
for a short time

Quite a few common blues but still a lack of females

On the downside I received a painful bite from a Cleg Fly, which thereafter wouldn't leave me alone. I hate these buggers, once they get a taste for you they follow you around and try to catch you unawares. Luckily I always carry some Jungle Formula around with me and once applied it seemed to deter the Cleggy from landing on me, though I was always aware of it buzzing around and it (or its friends) made for an uncomfortable session.
Distant rumbles of thunder had me packing up early, but I wasn't complaining as I was pleased with the afternoon's events (in the main) and got home just before the storm hit. So who had the last laugh? my four-spotted mate judging by the next pic :

He who laughs last . . . .

At least I ended with a bit of good luck after almost missing out on two glorious days, onwards and upwards :-)

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  1. So thst was you and the Four-spot with smiles on your faces.