Friday, 12 June 2015

Nice Spot for a Four-spot

Had a cracking little session at Far Pasture early afternoon after learning that there were Four-spotted Chasers on Pond 3 yesterday, a pond I knew existed but have never visited for dragonflies before, I think because in past years it's had horses or bulls in the field.

Whatever the reason I can't believe I've never given it a try, it's an absolute belter of a pond, in fantastic condition and teeming with a plethora of pond-life.

I didn't have a lot of time today (just wanted to try and photograph the four-spots) so had a quick look so far around the pond edge then sat by the provided perching sticks and waited.

Two four-spotted chaser males were on the scene from the off, but more concerned with chasing each other than posing for photos at first. But eventually patience paid dividends and I was treated to some cracking views and excellent photo-opportunities.

As they zip around they look no more attractive than 'little brown jobs' but good views show
exquisite patterns on both body and wings

"Oi, gerroff my perch!"

This pic shows the four wing-spots extremely well

"Ah yes, I can see the blockage from here."
Note they were taken over a period of time from several different perches, but feature the same individual (told by the small 'cobweb' hanging from his right rear wing-tip).
Have to say I was really chuffed with the photos, for once the strength and direction of the sunlight, and the distance to the subject were all about perfect. (though I think I'll take my tripod next time).
I would say there were four male four-spots on site, constantly searching the margins (unsuccessfully) for females, though a couple of male Broad-bodies turned up and immediately one latched onto a female of his species for a brief mid-air fling.

Large numbers of azure damsels were on show, many tandem pairs copulating in the vegetation and ovipositing on the pond. Large red, common blue and blue-tail were also present but in much smaller numbers.

One of many pairs of copulating azure damsels

teneral blue-tailed, so they're still emerging

Star of the show though was the pond itself, great to discover a new site to keep an eye on, so thanks lads for the heads up (you know who you are). I'll certainly be keeping tabs on this one over the summer, as long as the horses/bulls don't reappear :-O

Pond 3 (as it will be referred to as from now) with chaser perches front left
superb quality and great access 
Rain forecast for the weekend may provide a much needed top-up for those ponds drying up quickly. Been a good week all in all for yours truly, but next week will probably be a slack one for Dragonhunting, lots to do so I'm selfishly hoping for not too much sunshine or I'll be chomping at the bit to get out again. Adios for now. . . . . .


  1. I think Four-spots dazzle Alan.
    I thought piccy no. 9 was another of your famous Dragons n Damsels having a poo shots until i saw the trajectory of the Damsel.

    1. Never seen so much mobbing by damsels on dragons before, and for once not a poo in sight :-)

  2. Very envious of that pond Alan, looks superb Dragonfly habitat.

    1. Yip I'll be watching it closely from now on, and the best thing about it is that it's not much more than a ten minute walk from home :-)