Thursday, 25 June 2015

Flaming June . . .

I could have used a bit stronger language in the header, as the weather has been abysmal the last couple of weeks. Not a single good dragonfly day for almost a fortnight now, so have had to postpone site visits (Gibside, Milkwellburn Woods) and just grab the odd hour or so on patch when the sun has
bothered to emerge from behind the endless banks of cloud.
This has meant just a couple of snatched evening visits to Far Pasture pond3 and my first morning session in a while yesterday at Thornley Woods Pond and FPP3 again. Fact is I'd rather have some rain than day after day of cloud cover, at least it would give the dried up ponds a bit of life again. 

So really there isn't a lot to report. No new species on the wing and the only dragonfly sightings have been the four-spotted chasers at Pond3, and these just brief flights in the five minutes of sunshine which has greeted my visits. 2 to 3 individuals; 3 males yesterday, 2 ovipositing females the previous evening, though one was snatched by a male while in the process. Here's the best of a poor bunch of photos from my two evening visits :

The only time I've managed to get a four-spot in the frame was this
ovipositing female, hardly a competition winner :-/
A few azures around in the evenings, but all in cover.

A good number of blue-tailed damsels present in the evenings, flying in the
overcast conditions but never over open water.
This one a mature male.

A rufescens form immature female which is maturing into
the duller infuscans-obsoleta form below

Slightly more sunshine on the next evening visit, though fewer damsels about. I did find a couple of common blues though, few and far between so far this year :

In profile the thorax of the common blue seems to have a lot less black than the azure.

I'll get one of these front-on shots in focus yet (azure male)

Another azure male attempting to hide

Poor light for the most part not helping the quality of the photos, a few better one's from my morning session but I'll save those for later, even writing this mundane post is proving as dull as the weather :-/


  1. It can be hard going being a Dragon hunter Alan!!

  2. Especially when the sun don't shine.

  3. Aye lads, it's been a bit grim oop north :-(