Friday, 5 June 2015

Chasers and Chases

A frustrating time at Far Pasture today, though Broad-bodied Chasers were out in force, at least 4 males and 3 females.

On arrival a quick scan revealed a perched up male in decent view but quite distant. I manoeuvred around and got him from a few angles but none close enough to do him justice.

First sight - Broad-bodied Chaser male  

A better angle - the pale colouring at the base of the
abdomen indicates he isn't yet fully mature.

Creeping around - just before his first rival arrived
He looked well settled but as I gradually got closer a second male zipped in and matey boy was off in pursuit. Dammit!
So for the next hour and a half I sat frustrated as one dogfight was quickly followed by another, two males would zoom away in combat and another would take their place and so it continued. Females eventually arrived, the first ovipositing quite near, but as I adjusted the settings on the camera one of the males zoomed in and had her away, cack!
This also happened with the second female which appeared shortly afterwards but a third managed to avoid detection long enough for me to get a few snaps of her as she  pogoed on the water's surface.

Broad-bodied Chaser - ovipositing female

Not the most flattering angle as she dips into the water

Great colours on one of my favourite dragonflies
There were no further perchings the whole time I was there. The males patrolled continuously and would skirmish whenever their paths crossed. Luckily there were a few distractions in the shape of tandem pairs of azure damsels and some blue-tails, one of which proved a lot easier to photograph than those at Clockburn lake the other day, with cloudless sky and little wind on this occasion.

Blue-tailed damselfly in close-up

Looks like a male but is the typica form female

Azure damselflies ovipositing in tandem

Not a great photo but shows the difference between a green form and blue form female

This feller just liked his own company

I'll hopefully have a trip to Stargate next week (weather permitting) which has traditionally been the best site for photographing the chasers (and I'll try not to drop my camera in the pond this time). One thing's for sure; they certainly lived up to their name today :-/

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