Sunday, 28 June 2015

Back for Another Go . . .

Another snatched hour at FP Pond3 yesterday morning as the sun graced us with its presence for a time. I was given the run-around by the Four-spots again for the most part but got a few decent shots.
My best shot was practically the first one I took. I'd taken up the same position next to the perches as I had done on my recent evening visits, forgetting the sun was in a different position that time of day so had the sun to the front right rather than behind me. A bit dozy, and the camera was set to night portraits for some reason too but the photo turned out not three bad at all :

Despite the technical errors I thought this shot showed just enough detail and emphasised the brightness
of the day, a nice arty shot showing the four-spot in his environment. 

Once again a few Common Blue damsels
showed, but still no females.

Not a great shot but nice to get a comparison with a Common Blue and Azure.
Very similar beasts but the tail-light on the common blue (above) always seems
a couple of shades lighter.  

One of just two males on show, both very wary of me today
so visits to the perching sticks were few and far between. 

I ended up shooting from a fair distance at max zoom but at least the light was good.

And at least they put on a bit of a show for a change, though no females seen today.
 No Broad-bodied Chasers either. I reckon they've moved on now, renowned wanderers and colonisers they only stick around at any one site for a couple of days if no members of the opposite sex arrive, and though there has been both sexes here they tend to favour the Forbidden Pond, but as you can see from the photo below, it can't exactly be described as a pond at the moment :
The Forbidden Puddle - a tiny pool front left is the only patch of water remaining
Funnily enough, most of the ovipositing noted in early June took place in the front left corner, which is still slightly wet and muddy so giving the freshly laid eggs the best chance of survival (coincidence? Probably not). But as I also know this pond is home to many Common Darters which should be emerging now I wonder if we're going to see any from here this year :-( 

Something else to keep an eye on :-O 

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