Friday, 15 May 2015

Azure start to the season

A couple of hours to spare so a return trip to Far Pasture this morning in hope of seeking out a few more Azure damsels.
Patchy sunshine made for a lot of waiting around; in the first half hour only three glimpses of damsels along the road, none of which were vaguely photographable (is that a word?)
I realised I wasn't going to have much luck stretching over the roadside fence searching the sheltered ditch and hawthorns, so changed tactic and just searched the roadside vegetation in easy reach, and soon found a few hidden gems, which either stayed put under cloud or flushed up within easy reach when the sun shone :

Immature male Azure

Teneral female Azure
(green form)

Immature female Azure
(blue form)

Another immature male, this one with a bent abdomen,
most likely the result of a slight obstruction during emergence. 

For the hour and a half I spent on site I still only had 11 sightings in all. Every one of the 8 identified was an azure, and of the others I'm just about sure one was a teneral large red but it settled too distant and briefly for me to be 100%
Star of the day though was this female Azure perched right on the edge of a dock leaf, with her shadow showing through the sunlit leaf, too good an opportunity to let pass by, shame I couldn't get the focus right, you dream of getting a shot like this then feck it up through poor technique, it could have been a corker :

And this is her in full view
Along the track I found what looked like a predated pheasant egg out in the open (though I'm no expert on egg ID) :

Looked like it had been bitten in two, fox perhaps?
And a couple of more arty damsel compositions to finish :

This male was hiding in cover but a shaft of
sunlight had his front end beautifully lit.

Just liked the splodge of red contrasting with
the green leaf in this composition. 
Not quite happy with the focussing yet though, experimented with a few settings today, the only thing I haven't tried yet is manual focus as it's not easy to tell through the viewfinder, definitely give it a go next time though when I can find a settled subject.
Great to see them back though, even if just in small numbers at the moment  


  1. Off and running then Alan. I'd be happy with some of those images. I was at the Rising Sun the other day but by the time i got to the Large Red ponds on the way home the sun had gone missing and there was still a chill in the air when the sun was in.

  2. Aye, I'm probably expecting too much from the x-s1 but still room for improvement. Forecast isn't too favourable for dragons this week either so another wait and see week I think. Cheers.