Friday, 22 May 2015

A Few Odds and a Few Sods

Just a quick catch up on non-dragonfly events over the last few days.

In the garden I've stopped putting feed out for the birds because of all the unwanted attention from the local moggies lately. There are so many of them around here now they hunt in packs, each morning I find two or three stalking the feeders and two attempted nests (dunnock and blackbird) have been abandoned. The final straw came the other day when the first fledgling of the year, a starling, was seen in the uncut grass and was wandering about the back of the garden :

Sadly the next time I saw it, it was dangling from the mouth of one of the afore-mentioned moggies. What a sad end to a short life :-(

Shame 'cos I was still getting a few goodies in; the Stock Dove pair have been back on and off, same for a single Tree Sparrow, and three Bullfinches (2m 1f) was the best count in a long while.

One of the three
A Blue Tit has been getting in the greenhouse on a couple of mornings, been seen gleaning the hatchling spiders (of which there are many) from all the nooks and crannies.

Blue Tit eyeing up a few tasty spiders

The macro came in handy for this 7-Spot Ladybird I spied on the fence, came out well as I could rest the lens on the edge of the rail.

Shibdon George kindly sent me this nice photo of a Dingy Skipper he snapped at Shibdon Pond the other day :

Dingy Skipper
And finally I got another crack at a feeding Orange Tip at Far Pasture the other morning, not an easy butterfly to find settled for any length of time so I was lucky with this one :

Male Orange Tip - great camouflage on these small white flowers

same photo - cropped 

Same butterfly - different angle
That's about all. Cheers.

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