Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring Newbies

A 7am start (early for me) this morning hoping to take advantage of the forecast sunshine before the rain came in.
Unfortunately the sunshine never happened, but I went out anyway in a cold and drab atmosphere to Far Pasture, hoping to connect with a host of spring migrants I'd heard had arrived since I was there on Thursday.

I could hear a Willow Warbler as I passed the wood yard, and spied a pair of Blackcaps flitting about in the relative open behind the roadside ditch. A crappy record shot of the male was all I could muster but little did I know then it wasn't going to get much better.

Blackcap (m) eyeing up a dunnock

The grey sky came alive with around 30 hirundines; swallows, sand and house martins, great to see them back and a sure sign we're well into migration.

On my way to the pond a singing willow warbler posed high in a tree for another ordinary record shot :

Willow Warbler, first of the year

His fluty song a joy to the ears
The pond itself was lively but nothing of migratory interest, so it was back to the car park where an assortment of hirundines were now perching on the wires, so I was able to get a few drab record shots of those too.

A couple of swallows

3 for the price of 1
Swallows, House and Sand Martins

Birds on a Wire : An arty silhouette shot

Birds on a Wire 2 : An arty silhouette shot with action
NotManyWords Ron arrived and together we tried in vain to photograph a very mobile Blackcap which actually sounded more like a Garden Warbler (unless there was another bird following it around). It showed briefly on a few occasions but never in a decent position or long enough for photos, and gave us the runaround for the best part of an hour before it was time for me to leave and the rains came anyway, but like I said to Ron, give it another couple of weeks and there'll be Blackcaps poking out of every bush.

Good to see and hear all the new spring sounds though, even if it didn't seem like a spring day in the slightest.
And cheers Ron for the photography tip, will try it out when opportunity presents itself.

Footnote : I needn't have bothered going to Far pasture for willow warblers, there were two foraging in a neighbours tree late this afternoon :-/ (garden tick if I was keeping a yearlist)

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