Saturday, 4 April 2015

Not to be Sniffed at . . .

Just a few snaps from a dull Far Pasture this afternoon. Another twat with a dog just about ruined the experience, after being sniffed and followed by a vicious looking mutt I was still shaking when I got to the hide. The owner could see I was distressed but only half-heartedly called it away after I 'requested' he do so.

To the photos then :

Grey Heron
shortly before the noise of my camera startled it, much to the disgust
of a proper photographer who'd been waiting for it to come out in the open.
Apologies mate but if that's the worst thing that happens to you today
it's hardly been a disaster has it? 

Little Grebe. One of three seen today, close in the clear shallows
this one could be seen foraging underwater.

Great birds little grebes, summer garb

A couple of pairs of tufties on the pond today 

Red kite perched atop
a distant pylon. Very distinctive silhouette even
in the gloom. 

What's this? First swallow of the summer?
Nah! Just a kestrel with most of its tail missing
And a distant Canada Goose (one of the resident pair)
Taken for no other reason than I haven't photographed one yet
Singing Chiffchaffs again the only sign of spring, raptor count was 6 red kites, 3 buzzards, 2 sparrowhawks (one in rollercoaster display was nice to see) and the raggy-tailed kestrel.

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