Monday, 6 April 2015

More from Yesterday . . .

Yesterday's raptor-watch was just what's been missing from the 'spring' so far, blue skies, the odd fluffy white, rising temperatures; just sit back and wait.

I took 116 photos in about an hour and a half but have to say they were all a bit of a disappointment. Different settings, I tried the lot, but conclude that basically on full 26x zoom it'll be a struggle to get anything pin sharp hand-held, though to be fair, most of these were of birds soaring at great height in the late morning heat.

I'll have another go on a lesser zoom and see what happens, meanwhile here's a few more from yesterday just to show the different birds coming over in the session.

First Swallow?
No, it's Raggy-tail the kestrel come to visit me from Far Pasture

A bit of tangling

A low pass from a kite

Three kites a-chasing before the 'grappling' incident 

First Buzzard of the day, quite a pale one

Way up high - A couple of sparrowhawks

Spughawk and Buzzard

Stooping kites

Red Kite and Buzzard
Would have been a corker if I could have got the kite in focus

A different buzzard

A raggy buzzard

The energetic pair of kites still frolicking

And again

And a much darker buzzard to finish

In the time I was watching the skies were never empty, mainly because of the local pair of kites chasing non-stop through the morning. Most kites seen at any one time was six, though with all the individuals passing over I can't be definite on how many different birds were seen.
Buzzards totalled five, and two sparrowhawks and a kestrel. Great entertainment.


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