Thursday, 2 April 2015

Late afternoon (Blurry) Flurry

The first spring-like day of the year (after the early morning frost disappeared) so got a few chores in the garden done, the most important being getting the kids trampoline fixed up again in time for the holidays after I had to dismantle it during the winter when it got blown apart in the storms :-O

Anyway, I digress. Late afternoon I was able to sit out back and try to photograph any passing raptors. Not with much success, the light was strange at this time, a weak and watery sun in the blue skies. There were red kites aplenty and a couple of common buzzards but mainly too high up, or too low down for the sun to put any underlighting on so I'm afraid everything turned out a bit dull and uninspiring.

Red Kite

Kite and Buzzard (distant)

The Buzzard drifted over and looked good through bins
but still too high to get much definition on camera

High flying kite a bit fuzzy

Low-flying (same) kite, much sharper this time
but was too low so wasn't lit underneath 

Not a particularly good set I think you'll agree (but you should have seen the ones I binned). Still a lot better results than I could ever get with the simple point and press, so have any of you proper photographers out there got any tips on how to get sharper and better lit photos on flypast raptors? 'cos in decent conditions the garden is a cracking little raptor viewpoint. Or is it all to do with the elements and equipment? Would be interested to know, cheers.

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