Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gripping Stuff . . . . .

Sprog-watching duties today as one sprog was off to a party with his mum. Lovely day so sat in the back garden with my x-s1 to shoot (photographically speaking) a few raptors.
I wasn't disappointed as the airspace above from 10.15 to 11.45 was awash with birds of prey. Mainly red kites, our local pair in particular were chasing each other through the skies non-stop during this period and often joined by another trying to get in on the act.
I can't be certain but it was probably one of the pair and the interloper in the next sequence of photos which was an absolute marvel to watch.

Two kites come together with outstretched talons

For once they don't part and begin to fall
from the sky 

Twirling like a propeller they continue
their vertical descent, it's now a life-or-death
game of  'chicken'

Still entwined they plummet ever closer
to the ground 

I lose them behind the house roofs opposite
When they disappear they show no sign of parting

 Wow! Only the second time I've witnessed a talon-grapple like that, like other raptors, a way of settling disputes, usually over territory but in this case I have the feeling the pair had had enough of the third bird harrying them and this was their way of telling it to 'get lost'.

No idea what happened once they fell out of sight behind the roofs but they have been known to hit the ground still attached to each other and fatalities do occur. The pair however, were seen not long afterwards continuing their chasing display, without the gooseberry I might add.

Gripping stuff.  


  1. Now that's one wildlife encounter i would have loved to have witnessed.
    The pics arent bad either !!!

    1. Cheers John, right place at the right time :-)