Monday, 30 March 2015

Today, Yesterday and the day before . . . .

Far Pasture this morning, mainly to see if there was any sign of spring yet. Straight away singing chiffchaffs could be heard, five in all scattered about, but no sign of sand martins or indeed any other of our summer visitors as yet.

Shame the sun was behind this chiffchaff as he landed right in front
of me and stayed a while  

Possibly the same bird, later on the opposite side
of the path. 
The pond was much more lively than has been for a while. A dozen or so Teal, mallards, moorhens and a noisy pair of displaying little grebes. The water level is receding and is very clear, but still no sign of any amphibians in the shallows.

Back in the car park the 'Flat Rock Bird Café' was busy with the lunchtime crowd, and opportunities for a few snaps.

Robin . . .

 . . . dunnock . . .

. . . . and a pair of Nutters
Displaying pairs of Great, Willow and Long tailed tits were along the hedges so certainly a spring feel to the day, and in the air a displaying pair of red kites among the half dozen seen, plus 5 buzzards, a kestrel and a sparrowhawk.

Displaying red kites . . . .

. . . . and a passing buzzard
So the resident birds certainly think its spring, even if the migrants don't.

Some stuff from the garden over the last few days :

Collared Dove, not as regular as they used to be so nice to see one

Greenfinch (male). Not being seen much now though
during the winter were getting half a dozen regularly. Still plenty of
goldfinches though. 

Starling. Another irregular visitor, though probably because I don't often
put grated cheese or raisins out now, which used to have them flocking in.
  And an ID parade of Reed Buntings, I'm sure we've been getting at least 6 different individuals in lately but I've managed to photograph four of them anyway :

Male reed bunt with a streaky bib

This male had more of a full beard

Bog standard female

This female had a very fetching black face
Forecast for the rest of the week is pretty poor as well, methinks we'll wake up one morning and we'll have missed spring altogether :-/  

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