Thursday, 26 March 2015

Taking Stock . . .

All week the forecast had been saying Wednesday was going to be bright but cool, so this was the day I kept aside for my 'weekly wander' with the intention of visiting our resident Peregrines for a few snaps.
Even the Wednesday morning forecast was saying the same, but in the event they only got it half right, it was certainly cool, but the Sun was nowhere to be seen.

Notmanywords Ron was on the scene when I got there having done exactly the same as me, but as you'll see from his blog, the gloom didn't stop him from getting some cracking photos.

My first bunch (all 48 of them) aren't worth showing, but I wandered off for a while and returned less than an hour later, when there was a slight lift in the gloom, not much but enough light now to make a difference in my photos, making them of record shot standard (if a bird is recognisable it's good enough for me) :

Peregrine - The female of the pair

She waited patiently while hubby was
presumably out hunting.

She certainly had a nice view of the pigeons
circling around.

You could see her eyeing up the menu
from her panoramic viewpoint.

This sparrowhawk was displaying high above
the peregrine site

When I'd got enough shots I meandered away, and got some 200 yards when the Sun actually came out. I stopped in my tracks, wondering whether I should go back to try again, the light got stronger but I looked to the skies and the gap in the clouds was small, I knew the Sun was just teasing, and if I went back would disappear behind the clouds again. So I said 'sod it' and continued walking away. The Sun, realising I wasn't going to be fooled this time, also said 'sod it' and went back behind the clouds anyway. Strange, but it felt like I'd won for once.  

My best photo opportunity then came further along the track with this Stock Dove which stayed on a fence while I approached so got some decent snaps.

Close . . .
. . . closer . . .

... and closer still

Like a lot of birds, the Stock Dove looks very plain from distance, but in close-up I think is a neater bird than the Collared Dove which most people prefer, something about those eyes, the shimmering markings on the side of the neck, and the neat greyscale colouring. A little charmer. 


  1. At least the sun shone for you. Nice shots of both the Peregrine and Stock Dove.

  2. I don't think enough people take time out to observe the finer points of our more "common/ plainer" birds.