Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Phenomenal Eclipse Phenomenon

The natural event of the year so far was the solar eclipse on Friday morning. Good timing as I had to go out shortly after the event, and was lucky enough to witness part of it without the aid of special goggles thanks to a thin cloud covering blocking out the strong sunlight about ten minutes either side of the peak-time.

Bright light turned to sudden gloom and I looked out the window
to see a distinct crescent shape in the sky.
Out came the camera and a sequence of opportunist shots ensued.

As the cloud cover began to break I had to put the camera down
before the light got too strong again.

After the eerie half-light in otherwise blue skies
signified the point of maximum coverage, gloom came again
and I managed a brief trio of shots as the moon passed out of the sun.

We were quite fortunate in the northeast, I certainly didn't expect to see any part of the eclipse with the naked eye let alone get photographs, possibly a once-in a lifetime experience (last chance for an old steg like me anyway)

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