Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Nice Pair . . .

Far Pasture today didn't hold much to get excited about with the water level well up. Not a snipe to be seen and England's cricketers have had more ducks lately than were on show today. A few teal and mallard, a pair of displaying Moorhen looked splendid in the sunshine and a coot and a dabchick made up the numbers.
The kingfisher was ever present, mainly at the back of the pond, but did make one foray to the front for the benefit of the massed ranks of photographers, but typically flitted off to the back again when I finally decided to get my camera out.

Along the path by the pans one tree was alive with pied wagtails, I counted 15 from distance but there were probably more.

I only got my camera out for the car-park feeding station but coincided with a lot of coming and goings so I moved on to the gate where I was entertained by goldcrests and a small flock of long-tailed tits, which despite my efforts, managed to evade photographic capture for the most part, I certainly need to speed up my reflexes. here's the best of a sorry bunch :

unusual view but cracking little bird

the buggers wouldn't keep still

liked this one as it was taken from 50 feet away
I'd been committing all the best settings for different situations on the new X-S1 to memory but out in the field forgot them all in the panic, there's obviously more to this photography lark than I thought. Respect. 

I didn't take the camera out yesterday when highlight of the week occurred at Washington Wildfowl Centre.We had crippling views of a foraging goldcrest in the Hollowood, only three feet away at eye level, certainly the best unaided view of one of these little beauties I've ever had. There were three in all but one in particular was totally unfazed by our presence and just kept coming closer, even the kids didn't scare it. Superb. 

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