Thursday, 6 November 2014

The DragonHunter is leaving the building . . . .

November now and it feels like the dragonhunting season is well and truly over. The summer just seemed to fly past, and due to my 'mishap' with the camera early doors and the fact my trusty bike has been out of action all year among other things, it wasn't a particularly good year for getting about spotting new species and recording interesting aspects of dragonfly behaviour.

The fact is I just seem to be repeating myself now after four years of dragonhunting in basically the same areas and not having anything new to enthuse about, so have decided to retire this blog before it becomes too static.

I don't see me getting out and about much until next spring anyway so I'll probably start a new blog when I feel I have something interesting to write about, and will post a link on here if and when that happens.

Meantime I'll post any wildlife sightings on Twitter (@alanmould) and you can follow my arty adventures on

All that remains to be said is Thanks very much for reading and for the comments, I've learned a lot about dragonflies in four years of doing this blog, and I hope I've been able to relay some of my enthusiasm and interest on to you too.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The DragonHunter has left the building . . .