Thursday, 23 October 2014

More Sun, More Fun, . . .

A late morning stroll down to Far Pasture was just what I needed; sunshine, fresh air and a bit of wildlife, nowt better after being cooped up for the best part of a week.
Was wondering if there'd be any dragonflies about, well I wasn't disappointed. Not so many now but still estimate up to 20 darters seen including a few tandem and ovipositing pairs, and eventually a couple of Migrant Hawkers showed in one of the fields.

Last pic of the season? who knows
From the hide a young grey wag was star performer, picking insects from the mud. A water rail showed well but briefly and a sparrowhawk zipped through. Many a teal and common snipe loafing about in the sun, 3 dabchicks and plenty of moorhen in fresh plumage, bright red and yellow bills outstanding in the bright sunshine.

Back outside many a common bird around the car park, small flocks of goldfinches and long-tailed tits in the hedges, trees still very leafy I was surprised to see after the recent winds.

In the air 4 red kites and a buzzard, a flyover redwing and two grey wagtails. The forbidden pond had a couple of pairs of darters and little else.

Finally I found this unfortunate little creature in the middle of the road :

Poor little vole staring up its own backside
Dunno the story here but it looks like the head has been bitten off and either just spat out and left, or the culprit disturbed before it could consume its meal. Whatever, not a particularly pleasant way to end the session, but despite not seeing anything out of the ordinary, just watching the everyday creatures going about their business is rewarding enough. And after the shock of the sudden drop in water levels the other week, I have to say Far Pasture has been 'Far Better' since the sluice was unblocked.   

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  1. I remember when it was a better place....many moons ago. A return was overdue.