Friday, 5 September 2014

By George . . .

Yesterday at Far Pasture I was slightly distracted by the appearance of the otter, and then in the hope it would come back, so I spent more time in the hide than I normally would have, there were plenty of migrant hawkers around but no females (which was my target for photographic purposes) and I tried to get one of the males in flight, something I could hardly do with my Panasonic (sob) never mind the Krappy Kodak, as you can see :

Believe it or not these were my best efforts. I decided to show them as what they
do show is the vivid blue 'banding' effect at the base of the abdomen,
a diagnostic ID feature in flight for the male Migrant Hawker.
Later back home I received an email from Shibdon George, sending me a couple of cracking snaps of migrants he'd taken yesterday, along with some movie footage, all of which I intended to upload, but unfortunately I've mislaid the movie file and one of the photos won't open now I've downloaded it. So here is the one remaining photo (apologies George) :

Migrant Hawker (male) at Shibdon Pond by George Simpson

Lovely photo of a mature male, showing those cracking blue eyes. It looks like there is obviously more scope for getting pictures at Shibdon than at FP so that'll be my task next week (weather permitting), a trip to Shibdon to see if I can finally photograph a female Migrant Hawker.

Edit : A female mig actually flew through the garden this morning, but didn't bother stopping. In fact it's been a canny week for dragon spotting at home as I've been out in the garden a lot, a total of 4 hawkers and 2 darters have passed through, only a common darter bothered to stop, perching on the side fence for a while, and only the female mig was a definite ID for the hawkers, the others just zipped through too quickly.   

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