Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Day after the Night Before

A lovely dragonfly day today, unfortunately I spent much of it recovering from a heavy night of Guinness drinking and stomping to the hits of the 70s at the Red Kite, where my mate's band (The Starjumpers) put on a cracking show for the punters, many of whom turned up in fake 70s gear (at least I hope it was fake).

Anyway I digress, bottom line is by the time I emerged from my pit at 10.30am, most of you will have put a full shift of birding in, and by the time I had composed myself well enough to get some fresh air and walked down to Far Pasture with the kids, the sun had gone in :-(

Had a canny chat with Derek and saw a couple of female migrant hawkers at last in the top field where there was also a couple of males, but otherwise there wasn't a lot to see. A couple of  male southern hawkers by the roadside ditch, one on the main pond and just a scattering of common darters, one of which I managed to get to land on my hand.

The forbidden pond was again devoid of dragons, it's been very poor here so far this year, and am wondering if the late season common darter mating frenzy of the last couple of years is going to be repeated.
August wasn't a good month at all weather-wise and by now there are usually a lot more darters around, especially on the roadside fences.
Can't actually believe we're into September already. I still need to get photos of a Migrant Hawker female and find some Black Darters in the borough, as to date none have been spotted.

No photos today, didn't actually bother to get my camera out of my bag. On the plus side the kids go back to school on Tuesday and the weather looking promising for a couple of sessions during the week, but on the downside I've loads of gardening and other chores to do before the autumn kicks in as well as get some work done (we actually gathered a few conkers today which is unusually early) so I'll have to get meself organised.

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