Monday, 4 August 2014

Ruddy Great View . . . and Migrants Too?

A fleeting visit to Gibside Walled Garden Pond turned up trumps with a cracking view of a male Ruddy Darter in his prime. The deep red abdomen and jerky flight caught my eye and he settled in front of me for photos, though hopped about as if the wooden board was too hot to stand on.
I've had them here in the past so was hoping to catch one, the densely vegetated pond here seems to suit them (though not much else).
Another three darters were seen, one a teneral common but the other two yellowy specimens remain unidentified as they flitted about impatiently, though the jerky flight of one in particular had me guessing it was another ruddy, either immature male or female. A couple of emerald damsels were also hiding in the lush vegetation.

Landed nicely for a record shot

Did a bit of sky-pointing as I zoomed in

Lovely specimen, rich red waisted abdomen, red face with
moustachioed frons  

About turn for a different angle

What a cracker, chestnut thorax and black legs,
a superb little dragonfly.  
I obviously would have liked to spend a bit more time here but the impatient kids needed to get to the play area, but not too despondent as there were three hawkers and a darter there during sunny spells. The only hawker which came close enough to ID was a female Common, the others flitted around the trees high up, I thought from jizz possibly Migrant Hawker females but too distant to make the call really.

Cragside tomorrow, hoping for a bit more dragonhunting, Black Darter the target but I'll be grateful for owt I can get :-)

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