Monday, 25 August 2014

I Can't Believe It's Just Butter . . . flies

Our second summer visit to Cragside today, obviously with the chill air and overcast skies it wasn't going to be too good for dragons. In the event we took a different route today and didn't visit the Tarn. The Formal Gardens had a patch of Buddlia (or however it's spelt) and it was chocker with butterflies despite the unfavourable conditions.

I counted 12 Red Admirals . . .

7 Peacocks . . .

5 Small Tortoiseshells . . .

2 Commas . . .

2 Green-veined Whites, and a large White which flew off
before I could photograph it.

So with all the butterflies around I thought I might find something later at Nelly's Moss Lake but there was not a dragon to be found. Wasn't a total waste though as I stumbled across this cracker in what is usually a good dragonfly spot.

Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar - only the second one I've seen.
What a size, this one must have been full-grown at about 80mm
and what a beauty !

Believe it or not, the first one I saw was in my back garden, ambling
across the patio. Never seen the actual moth yet though, wonder
how big they are ? 

The poor weather of late may well have had an adverse effect on late-season dragonflies. Will try to get out local to check before the rain comes again.   

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