Friday, 25 July 2014

A Lakeland Adventure

Just back from a trip to Lakeland (not the shop), Windermere to be precise.
Only had one real opportunity for dragonhunting, when we took a trip over to Coniston to visit Brantwood (Victorian artist John Ruskin's house overlooking the lake) and on the way was a site I'd mapped out for Beautiful Demoiselle, the unfortunately named Yew Tree Tarn.

The southern outlet stream is (according to one of the best sites for beautiful demoiselle, but this is either out of date information, a lie, or I was just unlucky as there was not a sniff while I was there. Wasn't a bad site for dragons though, with a common hawker, ruddy darter, a probable four-spot chaser (too distant) and some common blue and emerald damsels.
But the star dragon was one of my targets for the year, a cracking female Black Darter, sunning herself further downstream :

Really pleased with that find, I've only ever seen one in tandem before so couldn't get a clear photo and like I say was one of my main targets this year, so made up for the lack of demoiselles a bit.

More goodies to come when we arrived at Brantwood. The view overlooking Coniston water was fantastic, and I'd just finished taking some panoramic shots when I was alerted by my better half that Sprog3 was being 'attacked' by a dragonfly. I turned to look as he waved his arms about like swatting a wasp and couldn't believe it when I saw he was actually being buzzed by a Golden-ringed Dragonfly, hovering just inches from him so was easy to confirm it was a male.
Within a few seconds it was gone, zipped off along the path and couldn't be relocated for a photo, but an excellent (if brief) sighting, certainly my best view of one since I actually studied one in-hand back in 1997.        

A great day then, two new species for the year and a space in my gallery filled :-)


  1. No wonder the Golen-ringed buggered off. One of your children was trying to brae it !!!

  2. Couldn't believe how persistent it was, shame he was terrified 'cos if he'd stayed still there's a good chance it would have landed on him.