Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Good Look and a bit of Good Luck

Last day of freedom before the school hols and I couldn't resist the sunshine so popped down to Far Pasture this morning. Plenty of folk in the hide hoping for a repeat of yesterday when apparently there were FOUR otters showing off and THREE kingfishers, so it looks like I picked a good day to cut back the front hedge then :-(
Had a good chat with my fellow wildlife enthusiasts but nothing much doing from the hide today so I eventually took my leave and went to have a look on the Forbidden Pond. A bit more life here but not much. Only one male Broad-bodied Chaser today, no four-spots at all and maybe half a dozen common darters (one ovipositing pair).
I stayed a good while in the hope of something else turning up but the only chance I had of any photographic action was of the damsels weaving through the thick vegetation on the other side of the fence, mainly emeralds today plus some azures.

Emerald damselflies, both males. Photos not too bad here as I was
able to rest my camera on the fence posts. 

A bit disappointed, I was in a quandary as to whether I should trek up to Thornley Woods Pond to get Southern Hawker on my yearlist before the hols or just go home where I had plenty 'stuff' to do.
Still hadn't made my mind up when I reached the top of the access road so it was a case of do I go left or do I go right?
In the event my mind was made up for me as a hawker appeared  in front of my eyes and alighted about 12 feet up a roadside tree. I got my bins on it and my luck had suddenly changed as it turned out to be an immature male Southern Hawker. Gettin!
The height it was at meant it was just too distant for anything other than a record shot (and a crap one at that), but it stayed for a good long while, preening itself as it hung vertically from an outer leaf.

First Southern Hawker of 2014, the broad antehumeral stripes told me
it was a southern straight away,

But the pale colouring meant I had to get a better
look to see it was an immature male.
After studying it a while I toddled off home, and did some of my 'stuff' before picking the kids up from school for  the last time this summer . . . . . . . . roll on September :-O


  1. Look forward to your next post in SIX WEEKS. By, that sounds a long tome !!!!

    1. Never fear, I'll still be posting John, just fewer and shorter site visits. I'm wasting my time trying to get decent photos this year anyway so don't need to spend time sitting patiently waiting for the right moment. REALLY missing me camera :-(