Sunday, 8 June 2014

Goodbye Old Friend

A visit to Kibblesworth Brickworks Pools this morning wasn't as productive as hoped. Plenty of damsels and dragons on show in the sunshine but no new species to report.

A good count of 40+ Four-spotted Chasers, certainly living up to their name today, very active with lots of mating, ovipositing and general chasing about.
A good count of damsels as well, with Common Blue and Azure well represented, lesser numbers of Blue-tailed and relatively few Large Reds.
Not many photographic opportunities (especially from the four-spots) which is just as well as I only had my Krappy Kodak with me, which doesn't have a macro or image-stabiliser and must be the world's slowest focuser, so often the target had flown while my lens was still trying to lock on.
Here's the only two semi-decent pictures I got :

Common Blues in the mating wheel

Blue-tails in the mating wheel
This time the female is of the infuscans form

Bad news is that my trusty old Panasonic is officially dead, tried it this morning but not a flicker, its only use now is either a doorstop or a paperweight. Only myself to blame, lesson learned (I hope)
Looking to get a Canon SX50 as a replacement, but when that will be is another matter . . . .

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