Monday, 23 June 2014

A Riverside Walk

A couple of shots from today. Had another trip along the river hoping to get better views of Banded Demoiselles, but as the sun shone only in short bursts it wasn't really the best of days for looking. Started up by Swalwell bridge as I'd been given a tip-off by Shibdon George about an area he'd seen some.
It looked a decent area but as I said the sun wasn't out much, and coupled with a family party of grey wags and a blackbird zipping out to capture anything flying over the water it might be already too late to find any here, though I did test the Krappy Kodak out on a blue-tailed damsel and a speckled wood butterfly :

Female blue-tailed damsel of the violacea form.

Speckled Wood
one of the few butterflies I'm familiar with

I moved on upstream; in truth there are a few likely looking stretches of river, but one in particular I'd had success at in the past was now too overgrown to get anywhere near. Another site looked even better habitat with meadows stretching back from yon side of the river, but no demoiselles at the moment, though I'll certainly pay another visit in a couple of weeks when numbers should be at their peak. Bumped into an old work and birding colleague here who was actually trying to find demoiselles himself after reading last weeks report (good to see you again Mal).

Together we walked back to Hagghill, and when the sun shone it duly delivered a couple of skirmishing males, but again on the other side of the river where I'd parked myself last week. More of a surprise was the appearance of the Reservoir Birder here, himself a bit of a rarity these days (though I doubt anyone would twitch him :-)

The sun stayed out for a good while so I stayed here a while myself, but maybe only three male demoiselles danced in the sunshine, and all on the far side. I'm definitely thinking a mid-July visit will be more productive so will leave this particular species for a couple of weeks and move on to another target.      


  1. Very good (and lucky) to bump into you, Alan. Shame the banded dems didn't play ball. Better luck next time, hopefully. Keep up the good work with the blog.


  2. Cheers Mal, yeah try again one sunny day in a couple of weeks time. Try to remember your bins though :-)