Friday, 16 May 2014

Coming to an Outlet near You . . .

Site : Clockburn Lake

Target : Blue-tailed Damsel

Managed to wangle an hour at Clockburn Lake outlet stream today hoping to connect with Blue-tailed damselfly (as I find it's the best spot for them locally).
But first up was this mature male Large Red, much richer in colour than those immatures I'd seen at Thornley Woods pond the other day.

But it wasn't long before the first Blue-tail fluttered into view, and I eventually found a good selection of males and females in various stages of development, which is what this little area is great for.

Maturing male Blue-tailed damsel
Note the thorax is neither green (immature) or blue (mature) but
something in between.

Immature female Blue-tail of the rufescens variety
Though this one a bit short on legs.

Cracking colours but don't know how the lack of limbs will
effect feeding.

Mature male with a deep blue thorax

Female of the violacea form, this one edged its way around the leaf
of the plant to avoid getting her picture taken.

But this violacea was less camera shy, a cracking example.

And finally an immature male complete with green thorax

Fantastic! It's like they've never been away.

In total 12 individuals, just the one Large Red and also good to see were 3 maturing male Azure damsels.

And later I got an email from Shibdon George, to inform me damsels were also out at Shibdon Pond, and this photo of an immature female Azure to prove it.

Immature female Azure damsel (green form) - Shibdon Pond
courtesy of George Simpson.
Cheers George.

Great stuff; Mission Accomplished. :-) Though it looks like I need to get me eye in with the macro setting on me camera again, sharper images required :-( 

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