Saturday, 17 May 2014

Caught in the Act . . .

Regular readers will remember the joy I displayed at discovering a pile of dragonfly poo in one of my photos last year.
As it happens I've discovered it wasn't such a rare occurrence, having spotted similar 'discards' in a few other photos as well that I hadn't noticed before.
But I went one better yesterday as I actually managed to catch a blue-tailed damsel in mid-poo in a sequence of photos I only noticed on checking through them last night.

Here goes :

Ordinary picture of a blue-tailed damsel at rest . . . but hold on,
what's that globule appearing at the rear end?

Looks like a bit of a tortoise head to me . . .

Whatever it is, it's getting bigger!

Yip, that's a chod all right ! but it's a case of
now you see it . . .

. . . and now you don't!

Anyone got any paper ?

Can't believe how pleased with meself I am :-) Yeah, maybe I should get out more . . . 

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