Sunday, 27 April 2014

What time's Kick Off?

It's about this time of year I always feel cheated. Since the first sighting of a Large-Red Damselfly in Hampshire on 29th March signalled the Dragonfly season was underway, increasing numbers of reports and species have been pouring in during April from the Southern Counties and as far north as Lancashire and South Yorkshire.

By the time the first dragons are reported up here in Gateshead, (if recent years are anything to go by) a few stragglers from late April until the season starts in earnest the last week of May, our counterparts in the south will have had a full six to eight weeks of early species on the wing.

Add to that the probability that all the late season reports will also come from the south and it's a sad fact that 'oop north' it is indeed grim, as our dragonhunting season generally lasts only FOUR full months compared to SIX plus 'dahn sarf'.      

The forecast for this week is no better. I'll have my first tentative looks at a few sites when weather permits but I'm not expecting to find anything for another three weeks at least.

Thought I'd just have a whinge, as it's still pissing down and I've nowt better to do (I've actually sat through THREE games of football today :-O and I don't want to get hooked on that bloody game again) . . . . . . .

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