Monday, 28 April 2014

Something Else to Moan About :-(

Needed some fresh air this morning after being cooped up all weekend so made my way down to Far Pasture in the murk and gloom (but at least it was dry).
On the way there I noticed the Swallows were back at the local farm, sitting quietly on the overhead wires.
At FP at least three Common Whitethroats seen and heard, good view of a Garden Warbler beside the car park and a couple of Blackcaps showed well. Two Gropper's reeling from different areas and a smattering of hirundines.

Just a short visit but very pleasant, and on the way back I noticed a small patch of Bluebells in the woodland area of the access road, very striking on a dull morning.

So what to moan about? This notice was pinned to the fence at the top of the access road :

Aaaargh !!

It means I won't be able to get down to photograph the first damsels in May, or look for Four-spotted  and Broad-Bodied Chasers in early June. What a bummer ! Just a shame they didn't do the work last month, it might have prevented disturbance by the 'happy snapper' brigade and the red kites might still be at last year's nest site :-(

So it looks like I'll have to find a new local patch for the first part of the season, or better still just vary it a bit. Gibside, Clockburn Lake Outlet Stream, Stargate, Milkwellburn Woods, even an early visit to Kibblesworth. Might not be so bad after all, keep me from getting lazy, though the beauty of Far Pasture is it's only ten minutes walk up the road for a quick visit. Other sites will take up most of the day :-(
So be it.

Later today I found this bee (buff-tailed bumbler) on the garage window ledge looking a bit worse for wear. So I gave her a glob of honey hoping to raise her energy levels.

Lo and behold, she drank the lot then immediately started to buzz and vibrate her wings, took off and buzzed off over the house without a word of thanks.

So bee it :-)      

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  1. Great news about the bee ;) nice one. shame about fp though :( looks like the rusty steed will be getting an outing ;) lol. i'm sure i'll be going to stargate for the first ones :)