Friday, 4 April 2014

Re-call the Jury !

New developments in the case of the dodgy redpoll today. First it was revealed that the experts at BirdGuides couldn't ID it with any certainty either, then, with perhaps more relevance to the case, two proper lesser redpolls appeared in the garden this morning. When you haven't seen any for a while you forget what compact little balls of fluff these can be, in complete contrast to the standard finch-type bird I photographed the other day.

Shite photos but standard lesser redpolls

With this new evidence I have to say my gut instinct of it being a mealy is as strong as ever, even after all I've read on ID, the bill size, general structure and overall size are just too good to ignore. But unless the perp returns to the scene of the crime and I can get him bang to rights I'm afraid that's as far as I can take it.

Re-trial ends with an Open Verdict

With all this going on I almost neglected to say I got the Blaydon Waxwing this morning, feeding on the rowan tree between the two garages .  A bit of a tick and run in the murky Blaydon high street but great to see all the same as I didn't see one at all in 2013 and thought my chance had gone for this season :-)

Dull and gloomy but viewing was better through the bins than the camera.
But a proper day-brightener of a bird. Only stuck around
for a few minutes after I arrived, then with a trill, leapt in the air and
flew over the road to the roundabout for silhouette only views.  

Lovely bird the waxwing, one of the few birds I'll go out of my way to see these days. And with plenty of berries still to be had, may stick around for the weekend.

Then back home this afternoon, within the space of a few minutes I had both a chiffchaff then a cracking male reed bunting in the garden, sadly neither of which stuck around for obligatory blurred mugshot through the double-glazing.

No chiffy or reed bunt but I did manage a shite shot
of the brambling again.

Not a bad day all in all :-) 


  1. How do you do that ????? Try as I must, I cannot get them that blurry !!!!!

    1. Well I could lie and say it's just a natural talent, but I think the combination of double glazing, the fact I never clean the windows, and that I'm always pissed might have a lot to do with it :-)