Sunday, 30 March 2014

Two for the Price of One

The gloom which descended upon the northeast overnight wasn't really conducive to good birding today, the fog and mist didn't even look like lifting all the time we were out this morning, so luckily the crack (ie piss-taking) was better than the weather.
We didn't even bother getting out of the Birdmobile at Burdon Moor, the Lamesley area held a brief LRP and 3 Sandmartins, and a Kittiwake on the Tyne at Costco would have been new for my yearlist had I been keeping one ;-) 

So to our last stop at Shibdon Pond, where a passage LRP just in front of the hide was the bird of the day, joined soon afterwards by the resident Ruff for a nice photo opportunity. 

Today's star birds - little ringed plover and ruff
 That was our day in a nutshell, and it gives me another excuse to wheel out a couple more of me favourite cartoons to brighten up the mood, both of which appeared in BBC Wildlife Magazine c2009: 

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