Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Things You See when you Haven't Got Your Camera . . .

Managed an hour or so down Far Pasture late morning (with a couple of sprogs in tow). Lovely bright morning and from the hide there were Kingfisher, Grey Heron and Water Rail all out in the open in close proximity, just asking to be photographed, except my bag was full of drinks and crisps so there was no room for my camera, just typical :-(

Great to see all the same, as were a few mating toads and singing chiffchaffs. Disappointingly no sand martins here yet (though I did get the first of the year at Shibdon Pond on Friday) but with southerlies forecast tomorrow it shouldn't be long.

Treat of the day was the raptor activity from the access road, stunning views of up to 5 red kites (3 of them especially putting on a show for the photographers), 4 buzzards, sparrowhawk and kestrel. Could have stayed a lot longer but not easy with impatient sprogs getting restless.

A short detour to Lockhaugh Farm raptor watchpoint only gave distant views of kites, buzzards and sparrowhawk (mobbing buzzard) with the highlight being a hooting tawny owl.

We just got back home when there was a brief hailstorm, yet bizarrely the sun was still shining. Most enjoyable little session though, and for once the kids didn't spoil it by fighting all the while :-)

Not long now 'til the first damsels emerge. Ponds and ditches looking good . . . .


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