Thursday, 6 February 2014

Catching the Early Flight . . .

Went to put the bin out this morning just after the kids had been packed off to school and noticed this on the fence :

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
A winter first

Certainly the earliest in the year I can recall seeing any butterfly, hope it survives.

And looks like I did the right thing dashing down to get the Green winged Teal the other day, as it wasn't there today and no-one I spoke to saw it yesterday either. So sadly I  can't improve on Tuesdays photos.
An otter was seen early this morning though and early afternoon today the car park feeding station was incredibly busy with both birds and photographers so caught up with a few old acquaintances.
I'm sure I heard a snippet of Blackcap song as well, certainly plenty of other birds were singing on this incredibly mild and sunny spring-like day.

Only other news to report is negative, neither the female Brambling or 'Gammy' the Chaffinch has been seen since the weekend. Hope it's nothing to do with this :

Male Sparrowhawk giving an aerial (aerial) display

Or even one of the local moggies which I'm having to chase away most days now. Will still keep a lookout for them both anyway. 

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