Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day

Welcome 2014, and started it off with a tour of the west of the borough with the Birdman and associated cronies. Funny old morning, dipped on most of the target species, couldn't flush a Jacky or a Woodcock, and we all missed a female blackcap by a matter of seconds according to a couple we encountered. The 'guaranteed' willow tit at Far Pasture decided to have the day off and neither could we find the recent chiffchaff there.

My personal total of 59 included the undoubted highlight of 30+ brambling (over twice as many as I'd seen previously), followed by the resident ruff at Shibdon pond, a chiffchaff with a tit flock there (which no-one else saw:), and a small flock of tree sparrows (a species doing very well in Gateshead now).

The entertainment came in the usual form of persistent micky-taking, false calls, suppression, the ones that got away, and the competitive nature of the New Year list despite the fact that no-one was keeping a list (apparently they were just writing down what they'd seen (?)

So mostly common stuff, and the day ended early for most just after mid-day so didn't get time to go for crossbills, little owl, green woodpecker, pochard, which would have involved too much travelling, nor indeed could we spend too long at the sites for a thorough search. The Birdman intended to keep going but as he finished with the day's best total of 63 I think the early afternoon rain stopped play.

Cheers all, here's to a cracking wildlife year in 2014.     

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  1. Good day it was :) i went for crossbills but had no luck :( then just decided to call it a day, the rain was a bit heavy! might see you on Sunday if your'e out?