Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Good Day at Flat Rock . . .

Needed some fresh air so biked down to Far Pasture late morning. The flat rock feeding station in the car park was well stocked and brought down a variety of tits (including a couple of willow), finches and nuthatch, all the better as at a range of only 4 feet I didn't need my binoculars, even the bank vole was gnawing on peanuts out in the open, (take my camera next time). Great to see wildlife unperturbed by my presence (as long as I kept still) and no wonder the photographers love it so much, though sadly I was told of one in particular who tries to lever up the rock with broken branches and rips out the rough brambles and ferns (cover for the feeding birds) to get a better picture. There's always one selfish get who gives the hobby a bad name (to the detriment of the wildlife).

A slightly larger rodent was using a run back and forth from a hole in the bank, kept on getting tantalising glimpses but enough to believe it was a field vole, so another one for the mammal list (if I was keeping one) 
And the ringers must be slipping, I saw at least two birds without rings on ;)

A quick look on the pond revealed the drake Pochard back in residence. A water rail heard but not seen and a scattering of mallards, teal and moorhens were the others on show.

A look along the trail was unproductive until suddenly I was surrounded by a noisy mixed flock of long-tailed tits and goldcrests, but closer inspection revealed a couple of chiffchaffs among them as well.

Good view of a low-flying buzzard and a couple of red kites completed a decent hour or so before I packed off home.

The Highlight of the trip though was seeing my old mate Roly walking about without aid of crutches or sticks after the successful operation on his spine back in December. Excellent News!

The Lowlight; another sodding puncture so I had to push the bike all the way home. Sod it!


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