Sunday, 3 November 2013

Scooby Don't . . .

Into November now (on the equivalent Sunday last year I ticked bee-eater and waxwing on the same day, a nice little combo which is unlikely to be repeated I would think) but with the weather and school hols I didn't manage a single outing last week.
Actually I almost got to Far Pasture on Friday, took sprog3 along on his scooter but such is his fear of dogs these days (thanks to the ignorant minority of dog-owners who don't seem to realise that an average-sized dog is like having a horse charging at you to a five-year old) I couldn't even get him 50 yards along the derwent walk as dog-walker after dog-walker came our way, so eventually I gave up and we returned home. Probably of no consequence as the sun disappeared soon after we left the house and it was spitting on to rain anyway.

But there's a bit of sunshine forecast for this week so I'll try and have a look for the last dragons if I get the chance (try to beat my record of Nov 4th for latest sighting) though temperatures are set to plummet as well. Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers were reported at both Far Pasture and Shibdon Pond as recently as Oct 30th so you never know.
Highlight of today was an early afternoon flypast of a dozen fieldfare seen from the front window, first of the autumn.

Anyhow I finished my final ink and watercolour dragonfly for the forthcoming show at Newcastle Central Library, this time a four-spotted chaser :

Four-spotted Chaser (m)
Ink and watercolour

 and as a reminder here are the other three :

Broad-bodied Chaser

Ruddy Darter

Black Darter

Make a nice little set to adorn any wall, A4 size, framed in black. Haven't set a price yet though.

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