Friday, 18 October 2013

Another shitty Day in Paradise . . .

Back to normal today, the sunshine and dragonflies of yesterday already a distant memory . . .but it wasn't raining so I decided to check out the damhead for migrating salmon.
Couldn't believe it though, as soon as I saw the river from the viaduct I realised it would be a waste of time as the water level was no different to the norm, and rather than looking like builders tea the river was clear as a pint of watered-down club bitter.

I continued my journey anyway and glad I did as I bumped into an old marra and caught up with a bit gossip.
The damhead was as feared, no prospect of any piscatorial entertainment so I decided to continue on to Shibdon Pond as I hadn't been for weeks and there might be a few uncommon waders there.
There weren't.
I did bump into another old acquaintance not seen for a couple of years so caught up with a bit of different gossip but apart from 328 lapwing and an overhead sparrowhawk, not much to report from here either.
Believe it or not I had a walk around the reedbeds looking for migrant hawkers despite the cold and murk but all I found was a wasp.

I cycled back home thoroughly pissed off then read the Birdman's last post from the Scillies and cheered right up. No matter how bad it gets, there's always someone worse off than you, and all the better when it's one of your mates :)

Footnote : The Birdman has rediscovered his mojo with a good days local twitching, can't begrudge it after his last few days. :)



  1. Rediscovered his mojo? Not likely :( after a long hard day yesterday i got up at 5am and was at hartlepool for 6ish for a pallid swift which turned out to be just a common swift :( something else for you to have a chuckle about :) cant complain about ticking the western bonelli's warbler though :)

  2. Look on the bright side, not often you see a juv. swift :)