Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Up Close and Personal . . .

Just a few more shots from the weekend. Strange how some days I can't get anything at all in focus but on other days (using the same settings) they turn out sharp as a er . . .sharp thing.
So using a bit of photoshop jiggery-pokery, I've upped the dpi, zoomed in and cropped my original photos, with some canny results :

Looking through the undergrowth
Southern Hawker (female) Thornley Woods Pond

Full facial


Like a miniature helicopter

Ready for take-off

Great shot of the thorax markings

A common darter at Far Pasture

Zoom-in even closer for a nice shot of the frons

Same subject, different view 

Also we were informed by the woman over the road earlier that a family of foxes have been coming into our end of the street most nights over the last couple of weeks and were in our front garden last night. Could explain the strange poos we've been finding all over the lawn. Worth investigating, will certainly be keeping an eye out tonight anyhow. Only ever seen one fox from the house, trotting up the adjacent lane during heavy snow a couple of years ago.  

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