Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fox-Trot and a Tandem Tango

The tip-off about the foxes proved to be a good one :)

Three sightings on Tuesday night of two different animals, (prob dog and vixen). The larger dog a real fit-looking beast, arrogantly strutting down the middle of the road, the smaller vixen seemed to be a bit more nervy, tending to go through the gardens and dash between cars. And last night I got a proper garden tick as one of them (vixen I think) trotted across our front lawn not once but twice within the space of a few minutes :)

No sign of the two cubs we were told about yet but I'll certainly be keeping a look-out on an evening. And don't even have to stop up late as they first appear around 10.30pm. So there you go, a new challenge for the dragonhunter; try to get a photo of a fox in my front garden.

Dragon News :

A look in on Far Pasture on Wednesday in cool conditions produced a decent number of common darters still, with 4-5 pairs ovipositing on the pond.
A quick look on the Forbidden Pond produced a patrolling male Common Hawker, just one tandem pair of darters and a couple of singles (and just one green sandpiper)
As the sun poked out, a couple of Migrant Hawkers quartered the fields, both males, but neither settling for a photo, unlike a few pairs of darters who seemed to have other things on their mind.

In tandem on the fence

Tango-ing in the trees

By all accounts the weather should start to improve after today so maybe a few more opportunities yet.

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